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Editel eXite®

Editel eXite® partner for markets in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Area of partnership is including also the provision of services eXite® for international customers and users of eXite®.


Local partner GXS. Areas of partnership are covering especially the connections with global companies and organizations and services in the area of global synchronization of catalogues GDS (Global Data Synchronisation).


Regional partner of TIE, which is one of Europe's leading producer of software for EDI (EDI converters, communication modules). The partnership covers the sale of products and support of TIE QuickStart products for the area of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.



Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar