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»Outsourcing« management

Panteon Group® is offering to its users services of outsourcing of their systems for e-business and users are, in this way, outsourcing their care for e-business completely to Panteon Group®.

We may take over the care either for partial or for complete system operation which may include the following components:

  • enclosure of new types of messages,
  • enclosure of new users and business partners,
  • elimination of current bottlenecks and errors at implementation of e-business,
  • reporting of errors to the data administrators,
  • inputs and corrections of settings within applications for e-business etc in a sense of bridging of bottlenecks and assurance of the complete functionality of the system for e-business, 
  • archiving of data (withdrawal from the current records and files),
  • protection (backup) and care for media (on condition that the appropriate technical solution is available),
  • support and assistance provided to the user,
  • insurance of e-business with liability for damages.

Within the agreed upon solution we are offering also the possibility of generation of program interfaces for direct connection between user’s in-house information system in a sense of complete automatization of the process for e-business.



Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar