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E-business in commerce and in logistics

E-business in the area of commerce is covering the inter-organizational processes (b2b) especially within the supply chain (e-commerce) and in the area of logistics, but it is including also processes with state institutions (customs administration, statistics), with banks and with other organizations.

 E-supply and e-logistics

Processes in e-supply and in e-logistics are supported with our solutions with the help of our own business network® in accordance with recommendations and standards GS1 (EANCOM, BMS, ..) and with other organizations (ECR, OAGI, ..). For the interchange of electronic documents are in the practice of European Union mostly used standards EDIFACT / EANCOM. The same is true also for the area of our region.

 Standard e-supply is functioning in a following way:

  • Buyer is ordering the goods with the electronic order (ORDERS), based on GTIN codes at supplier. This order is surrendering to the business network® that is surrendering the order in a reliable way to the supplier.
  • Supplier may respond to this order with the order response (ORDRSP). Based on this response the buyer is obtaining the information about the receipt of the order and about delivery.
  • At preparing the goods for dispatch, supplier prepares also the electronic bill of delivery (DESADV) and sends it to the buyer. Bill of delivery has to be available for the buyer on the spot of its receipt of the goods before the delivery of goods to the buyer. Bill of delivery may contain SSCC indication of packing and structure of packing enabling the buyer significantly faster receipt of goods, further internal logistics and inventory management.
  • Upon the receipt of the goods buyer is confirming the electronic bill of delivery and is sending to the supplier the consignment note, i.e. the confirmed bill of delivery (RECADV).
  • Based on the consignment note, supplier is issuing the electronic invoice or e-invoice (INVOIC) and sends it to the buyer.
  • Upon receipt of e-invoice, buyer is automatically posting it as it has to be matched with the delivery note that has been submitted by him previously. Such procedure is enabling the buyer to achieve significant reduction of costs regarding the liquidation of invoices, less errors and less open issues.
  • Electronic invoice may be stored for supplier and buyer on® e-ARCHIVE™, in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations in this area. Both, buyer and supplier have the continuous access to this archive, each one for its e-invoices. 

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The whole interchange of messages is being transmitted through our reliable and secure business network®. This network is connected via gateways with other similar regional and global networks (eXite®, GXS, T-Systems, Infinite, ZZInet,..), thus enabling to local users the complete regional and global connectivity with their e-partners.

Other variants of the e-supply process

In the area of e-supply there are beside of standard e-supply process more alternative possibilities to this process that are being completely supported by our services®:

  • prepackaged delivery (Cross-docking) for final destinations / buyers,
  • direct delivery (direct supplying),
  • management of inventory replenishment managed by supplier (Vendor driven supply chain management, Vendor Managed Inventory),
  • support to »ambulant sales«.

Processes of e-logistics

E-logistics is including processes with the provider of logistic services in the area of transportation, warehousing, replenishment of inventory and suchlike. Following documents are being used:

  • electronic bill of delivery (DESADV),
  • consignment note (RECADV),
  • order for dispatch (INSDES),
  • forecast of delivery (DELFOR),
  •  ...

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Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar