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e-Invoicing European Market Outlook

Solution provider landscape:
At least 24 operators of E-Invoicing networks are expected to each process more than 20 million E-Invoices/E-Bills this year. For the vast majority of today’s 600 operators, the annual E-Invoicing volume still lies below 5 million. The metric “Turnover/E-Invoice” dramatically dropped in 2013 and will probably decline again by 13-17% p.a. in the coming years. Of 175 operators analysed, 75% were profitable, but the average profit is very minimal. First generation operators built their applications 10-15 years ago. They increasingly re-design and re-build their solutions or decide to use white label services from others, and instead focus on value added services. Others invest in value added services and/or marketing & sales activities to gain additional market shares.

E-Invoicing News 2014-1 by Bruno Koch, Billentis

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